Thursday, February 16, 2012

Four Weeks Post-Op

Went back to UofM this morning to see my surgeon for the 1 month post-op visit. His assessment is that everything is progressing well, with my knee starting to regain full motion and the incision healing up nicely. The 200+ knee bends I've done each day are certainly paying off.

While I need to keep my leg brace fully locked when walking (no bending the knee with weight on), I have been cleared to unlock the brace when getting into a car or going on an airplane. As such, I can begin driving again and will start traveling for business, which is certainly a massive improvement.

Following the doctor visit, we picked Jack up from school. Upon seeing my unlocked leg bent at the knee while I sat in the front seat, he exclaimed "Daddy! You should be keeping your leg straight!" Oh, Jack...ever the stickler.

Next week I begin my formal physical therapy at the hospital, going 2-3 times a week. Very much looking forward to that.

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